Band Members

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Nyah Henderson

Lead Guitar/ Vocals

Nyah started playing reggae music in his homeland of Dominica. At age 15, he moved to Guadeloupe after which he spent several years performing in local bands at resorts and festivals across various Caribbean Islands. In 1997, he moved to Maine and created Stream Reggae. He has gone on to release 4 original studio albums and has performed with many famous artistes such as Sugar Minot, Third World and Burning Spears. Nyah gets the zeal to write, play and sing from meeting with the people and fans who bring overwhelming joy, laughter and good energy that never fades away.


Ricky Richards


Ricky has been playing the Keyboard since he was a kid growing up in the Caribbean Island of Dominica. He became heavily influenced by the music of Reggae legends such as Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh and Bob Marley so he joined a local band and spent several years touring and backing many legendary acts such as Leroy Smart, Wayne Wade just to name a few. Ricky now resides in Maine, US and has been a longtime member of Stream Reggae Band. Over the years, he has performed at countless venues and has produced numerous award winning rhythms, albums, and beats.


Luke Fagan

Bass / Lead Guitar

Luke grew up in Jamaica where he began playing guitar in his local church band from around 8 years old. He has subsequently performed at numerous gospel concerts and events across the Island. In 2012 he moved to the US to pursue a career in Information Technology. After starting an IT firm repairing computers and building websites in Atlanta, he moved to Maine and joined Stream Reggae in 2018 as the bass player. Luke is also an accomplished lead guitarist who remains humble and grateful for the privilege to be an ambassador for Reggae Music around the world. 


Jay Henderson


Jay was born in Dominica and moved to Maine at the age of 10 where he lived with his father Nyah. He learned to play drums as a kid and played percussion in middle school and high school concert bands. Jay’s drumming is influenced by many different styles of music but, growing up with the leader of the band, Reggae drumming came natural to him. In addition to drumming he grew up rapping and producing hip hop as well as playing occasional ukulele and live instruments at many local events. He became the band’s drummer in 2018 and has been loving life ever since.

Band History

In 1997, Nyah moved to Maine, US from the Caribbean Island of St. Thomas Virgin Island and started Stream Reggae Band shorty after. He had been playing reggae music in local bands at festivals and resorts all over the Caribbean for several years since he became heavily influenced by the sounds of Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh along with the Soca, Zouk and Cadence music styles from the Caribbean. His passion was always music so he wasted no time in putting Stream together and the band has been going strong ever since.

Since the band’s formation, they have played their energetic reggae – dancehall music at many local nightclubs, festivals and colleges. They were invited to play at Merrill Auditorium’s “Night of Relief” to raise money for victims of 9/11. In addition, Stream has gone on to release 4 original studio albums and opened concerts for famous artistes such as Sugar Minot, Third World and Burning Spear on several tours.  They have released numerous hit songs over the years such as “I like It”, “Gimme The Weed” and “Move Along” that always get the fans dancing and going crazy whenever they play.

After over 20 years and countless performances at a number of venues, memorable moments have formed. Meeting with people and fans brings overwhelming joy, laughter and good energy that never fades away. This gives Stream Reggae the zeal to write, play and sing music that will last forever.

Thank you Maine. You have inspired us. BlessingsOne Love!

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