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Stream Reggae 52 Collinwood Circle Windham, Maine USA 04062 207-892-2957 or 207-831-2715 nyahh@myfairpoint.net
Here's where you can read some feedback from our fans and critics.
"Portland's well-known Stream band had the honor of opening for Burning Spear at the new Criterion Theater in Bar Harbor, Maine August 22. It was a coup by any measure - and they more than held their own. Often opening acts are a settling-in, time filler as concert-goers mill about. Not this time! There wasn't an empty seat in the house. Or, more to the point, they were all empty - everyone was dancing as much as they would when the headliner eventually took the stage. Stream hit a groove and struck a rapport with the revelers that blasted the evening full steam into the rest of the evening's festivities. It was a beautiful thing!"
"...the innovator finds his motivation from within and intrinsically displays this drive through a series of creative and intuitive thoughts, actions and beliefs. I'm talking about a band centered around the idea of innovation. I'm talking about a band who bases their music around the notion of diversity, both physically and musically- one that incorporates a style based on traditional roots, yet never shies away from outside influence. But most importantly, I'm talking about a band that plays for the love of reggae as well as the cultural spirituality associated with it. The members of Stream, Portland's reggae sensation are playing weekly at Brian Boru's. Judging by the size of the crowds,the secret's out. Stream makes Brian Boru look like the ideal place for live music. They dive into the music, thus making it emotional and intimate to the audience. Thursday nights the emphasis is directed toward the front of the room. Stream seems to fill a huge demand for reggae music in Portland, and consequently the upstairs is always packed with people who prioritize their night in this order: dancing then drinking. The crowd stretches far out toward the back of the bar and extends to the deck, and the music stretches even further. Once again, Stream maintained an unquestionably solid performance. Stream is the name. If you're searching for an event that provides meaning through music and connectedness through performance, then indulge yourself in the reggae spirit that is Stream!"
"..Can't wait to get the CD- you guys are awesome!!" - Danielle from OOB
Just a note to tell you that when my son and I were vacationing in York Beach on June 16, we had the pleasure of seeing{hearing} you play. I danced the entire last half of your show! I'm 54 years old and you made me feel 18 again! Thanks for the music. Hope you get alot of booking this summer so others can enjoy great music. - Noella from Montreal.
I just wanna say that your lead singer is the bomb. I love his flow. He has such good lyricist.I love the reggae vibe u guys put up in Maine. I think u guys are one of the best bands in Maine, hell the whole of the US. You guys give a strong message in your songs. Your lead singer is one of the most talented singers I've ever seen in my life. I saw u guys last year at York Beach first. I love the lead singers little brother. He has so much style and it creats a whole other chemistry, plus my daughter is in ''love'' with him. Sean Jacob Brooklyn, NY USA - Wednesday, September 03, 2003 at 17:20:07 (PDT)
U guys were really great, i think everyone there was feelin the vibe of the music...It all about Love!
Jeremy <jwatts2@unity.edu>
Unity, Me USA - Saturday, January 31, 2004
Hello from Peaks & Thanks from Peaks I did not have the opportunity to thank you personally so in today's world we have the ability to share worlds and wods in cyber space. I have been Rockin' at Reggae Sundays for about 15 years now this summer and this summer the band's spirit and vibes have touched my soul. I will continue to look at you site for future gigs.
"With the members of Stream, there is an overwhelming atmosphere of love and positive vibes and an energy that is hard to explain. This feeling not only carries over in the blend of roots, rock and reggae they have been sharing with listeners for the last eight years, but in the way they live their lives. . ." -Nick Kimball, Maine Magazine

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