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Nyah - Guitar and Vocals

At age 15, Nyah immigrated from his home in Dominica to Guadaloupe. There he joined a band playing jazz and rock. Shortly afterwards he became heavily influenced by the reggae music of Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh and Bob Marley. Nyah lived in St. Thomas a number of years playing in Reggae bands heard frequently at resorts and festivals opening for Sugar Minot. In 1997, Nyah moved to Maine and created Stream. Originally playing bass, he is now lead guitarist and vocalist. He is also the primary songwriter for Stream. Since Stream's creation they have played their energetic reggae - dancehall music at many local nightclubs, festivals and colleges. They were invited to play at Merrill Auditorium's "Night of Relief" to raise money for victims of 9/11. The band has also opened for Third World and Burning Spear on their tours. Many thanks to the Maine audience for supporting the band.
Errol - Drummer

Yeh Mon!
Mike - Percussion

Irie Mon!
Ricky - Keyboards and Vocals

Greetings to all big up all Caribbean massive and world viewers! Rasta live so love one another one love. . . .
Rick (Bass-e) - Bass Guitar

A Portland, Maine native Rick was a founding member and bass player for the Rockin' Vibration Reggae Band from 1981 to 2001 when the band retired. Rick met Nyah in 1997 when he came to Portland for the first time. In 2005 They hooked-up again in Windham and Nyah asked Rick to fill in for a couple of gigs...that was over 6 years ago and the rest is history. Rick has been playing Reggae Sundays at Jone's Landing going on 15 years now! Respect to all Reggae musicians and lovers of Reggae music. .......One LOVE.